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Coptic Christians in Egypt have been attacked while traveling on pilgrimages and bombed while praying on Palm Sunday , amid an accelerating series of attacks over the last decade. The interrelated challenges of violence, economics and discrimination have led to the increasing departure of Christians from the Middle East. For centuries they have been part of the rich religious diversity of the region. Since I first visited Egypt in the s, I have been interested in this community and its contribution to pluralism. Copts are the indigenous Christian population of Egypt, who date back to the first decades following the life of Jesus Christ. Many of these Egyptians took the message of Christianity back to their own country. Christian tradition holds that St. Mark, one of the early disciples of Jesus, became the first bishop of Egypt.

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Liane Hansen. Egyptian Christians have developed a rich culture since Saint Mark brought the new faith to Egypt in Roman times. Today, Egypt is 90 percent Muslim, but the Copts are a powerful minority, says Father Mark Gruber, professor of anthropology and sociology at St. Vincent College in LaTrobe, Pa. When the followers of Jesus Christ began to spread their faith after the crucifixion in Roman times, St. Mark visited the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

Egyptian Christians or Coptic Christians have since developed a rich culture. Today, they are only about 10 percent of the country’s population but they remain a powerful and privileged minority, sometimes clashing with the overwhelming Muslim population.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians a Powerful Force

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RAMI REFAT (Guide): This is the icon dating back to the 18th century, showing Jesus Christ having the red dress and he’s sitting on (unintelligible).

Coptic language , an Afro-Asiatic language that was spoken in Egypt from about the 2nd century ce and that represents the final stage of the ancient Egyptian language. In contrast to earlier stages of Egyptian, which used hieroglyphic writing , hieratic script , or demotic script , Coptic was written in the Greek alphabet , supplemented by seven letters borrowed from demotic writing.

Coptic also replaced the religious terms and expressions of earlier Egyptian with words borrowed from Greek. Coptic is usually divided by scholars into six dialects , four of which were spoken in Upper Egypt and two in Lower Egypt; these differ from one another chiefly in their sound systems. In it are preserved a text of the Gospel According to John and of the Acts of the Apostles, as well as a number of Gnostic documents. It is one of the best-documented and well-known dialects.

Bohairic has been used for religious purposes since the 11th century by all Coptic Christians. The latest Coptic texts date from the 14th century. Coptic language.

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The Coptic calendar , also called the Alexandrian calendar , is a liturgical calendar used by the Coptic Orthodox Church and also used by the farming populace in Egypt. This calendar is based on the ancient Egyptian calendar. To avoid the calendar creep of the latter which contained only days each year, year after year, so that the seasons shifted about one day every four years , a reform of the ancient Egyptian calendar was introduced at the time of Ptolemy III Decree of Canopus , in BC which consisted of the intercalation of a sixth epagomenal day every fourth year.

However, this reform was opposed by the Egyptian priests, and the reform was not adopted until 25 BC, when the Roman Emperor Augustus imposed the Decree upon Egypt as its official calendar although it was unsynchronized with the newly introduced Julian calendar which had erroneously been intercalating leap days every third year due to a misinterpration of the leap year rule so as to apply inclusive counting [ clarification needed ] [ citation needed ].

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Some now argue this ancient community should change the dates to Dec. The idea is drawing mixed reaction in a community that is already experiencing change in its longstanding Christmas traditions. Twenty-one local residents were killed.

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Egypt’s Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas, ponder changing date

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Rich Traditions Dating to the First Century. By Jack Zavada · Coptic Christianity began in Egypt about 55 A.D., making it one of the five oldest Christian churches​.

Andrew George explores the potential conflict that an Australian of Egyptian-Coptic descent is exposed to when courting. One of the most challenging aspects of life as the son of an Egyptian immigrant living in a Western country is the ongoing difficulty attempting to traverse the difficult terrain caused by exposure to different cultures that are at times incompatible with one another.

The Egyptian culture is a culture that, to use a classification from a prominent text on morality — the Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt, has a moral code based on the ethics of community and divinity. This is in contrast to Western culture that is based on individualism; that is, a value-based system built on the ethics of autonomy. The conflict that an Australian of Egyptian descent is exposed to emerges where practices and attitudes in Western society, which are acceptable and inevitable in a society that seeks only to restrict autonomy to the extent that it could cause undue harm to others, is incompatible with a culture that has conservative values that emanate from an understanding of what is right and proper because of community tradition and divine instruction.

There are a lot of single Coptic men and women in Western society that are hamstrung by a compulsion to observe community tradition and divine instruction.

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The team consists of Korshi Dosoo research group leader , Edward O. There are about five hundred of these texts which survive, dating to between the third and twelfth centuries of the common era. These documents serve as vital pieces of information for vernacular religion — the realities rather than the ideal of religious practices and beliefs as they were experienced and carried out in daily life.

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate, receive regular updates, or correct information online or in the Kyprianos database. The edition of new texts, and the re-edition and correction of older manuscripts, made possible by the comparative material within the corpus. The publication of these editions, both online and in print. Specific studies on different aspects of the magical texts — their language, their cosmologies, their ritual practices, and so on.

These will respond to questions generated in the compilation of the corpus and the edition of texts. The communication of these results through regular blog posts and our podcast.

Mixed Marriage In The Coptic Church

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